Residential Projects

Residential Projects
Locality Planning  & Consulting has knowledge to look at preliminary site constraints, location analysis, subdivision design, council negotiations, council development approval.

Subdivision planning aims to create new parcels of land through an application to the relevant authorities. Locality Planning  & Consulting can assess the feasibility of subdivision on any parcel of land and advise as to the most appropriate density and mechanism to create additional lots on a case-by-case basis.

The benefit of subdividing land is that, by creating new parcels of land, the opportunity exists to sell the newly created lots. The sale of such often nets the developer/applicant a financial profit, and herein typically lies the motivation for engagement of these services.

Locality Planning  & Consulting can progress a subdivision inquiry from the preliminary feasibility stage to:

  • constraints and opportunities mapping (crucial to preliminary feasibility and density analysis);
  • schematic urban design and master planning;
  • the formulation of a lot design which is produced with the assistance of ADC’s Surveying and Land Information Systems sections;
  • the preparation of Town Planning material in support of the proposed development;
  • the lodgement of an application with the relevant authorities;
  • management of the process and negotiations with the relevant authorities throughout the application assessment process; and
  • Decision by Council.