Waste to Energy

Locality Planning & Consulting has seen over the past 20 years a change in how we look at our environment. There has been a greater understanding of the economic, social and environmental risks of not managing waste. Further to this there is a growing realisation and simple logic that waste is a genuine alternative that can be utilised in a wide range of technologies to generate renewable energy which is then feed back into the electricity grid.

Generating electricity by burning waste in industrial-scale incinerators is gaining favour with governments and industry. Locality Planning & Consulting can provide input and submit a development application to build new energy facilities that can process waste. Locality Planning & Consulting can provide responses to feedback and issues raised about applications and further information responses including Environmental Impact Studies (EIS), and subsequent public exhibition and advertising of the pertinent applications.

Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) invariably will discuss and outlines information about health risks, air quality, location of the facility and the suitability of the site.