Quality attracts Quality

The landmark development at Barangaroo is attracting interest from around the world. The Quality of the development on this spectacular waterfront precinct is gaining Quality interest from the big end of town. Critical for the Barangaroo development is it’s sustainability credentials which has driven acceptance of higher densities and better outcomes. It could be said that this is evidence that companies such as Lend Lease with projects such as Barangaroo are actively managing development risk through taking advantage of associated opportunities from incorporating sustainability within their developments. It is by tapping into the growing green consumer market that not only is a company reflecting good risk management but improving brand image, opening up government contracts and attracting/retaining quality staff. Buildings that integrate sustainability features have:

The landmark development at Barangaroo is attracting interest from around the world

- lower development control costs;
- improved risk mitigation and management;
- higher tenant retention;
- lower renovation costs;
- faster lease-up periods;
- higher returns;
- more productive and healthier environments;
- lower insurance costs; and
- a better industry image.


With the climate of the Sunshine Coast, it can be argued that embracing this direction could return many benefits to the astute developer.

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