Council tells developers: Build now and save on costs

Sunshine Coast Council tells developers:


We thought change was in the air and here is the proof. The Sunshine Coast Council is very serious about stimulating growth and job creation in our region, with another very proactive move to kick start the economy out of the doldrums,

It will be interesting to see how many battered and bruised Developers will take up on the Mayors latest offer?

Courtesy of Sunshine Coast Daily - 9th April 2013

The Sunshine Coast Council will offer developers who are sitting on approved but dormant projects up to 50% discount on their infrastructure charges if they complete the projects by mid-2014.

The "Build and Benefit" initiative - designed to push the economy forward, "stimulating the economy, improving our competitiveness and boosting the construction industry" - will be announced formally by Mayor Mark Jamieson today.

"It's designed to increase investment, get building projects under way and create jobs," Cr Jamieson said.

"The initiative offers up to a 50% 'reduction' on council infrastructure charges for targeted developments built to a deadline - and the 'build and benefit' incentives extend to older approvals.

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'Council tells developers: Build now and save on costs' - Sunshine Coast Daily