Council Defer Sekisui Proposed Amendment to Planning Scheme

Council have deferred discussions regarding the proposed amendment to the Planning Scheme to allow for the controversial Sekisui House high rise apartment development at Yaroomba. The proposed amendments to the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014 include increasing the maximum building height for the subject site. To most Sunshine Coast residents, the ability for a developer or land owner to request an amendment to the Planning Scheme may come as a surprise. Below is a brief summary of the statutory process that a request for a major amendment to a Planning Scheme must take. The steps include:

  1. Council decides to make an amendment to the planning scheme
  2. Council supplies a copy of the proposed amendment to the Minister, requesting formal review of State Interests.
  3. Minister reviews proposed amendment in conjunction with State Agencies.
  4. Minister advises of State requirements for the proposed amendment. Council makes any changes to proposed amendment as necessary to accommodate State interests. Minister approves proposed amendment for public notification with or without conditions.
  5. Council publicly notifies proposed amendment for a minimum of 30 business days (1.5 months).
  6. Council considers all properly made submissions on the proposed amendment, making changes to the amendment if necessary.
  7. Council decides whether to proceed with the proposed amendment.
  8. If proceeding with proposed amendment, Council supplies proposed amendment to the Minister seeking permission for adoption.
  9. Minister decides whether Council may adopt the proposed amendment and whether any new conditions may apply.
  10. Council decides whether to adopt the proposed amendment.
  11. Council decision announced. If proposed amendment adopted, Council commences a revised version of the planning scheme incorporating the adopted amendment.


Residents protest Sunshine Coast Council's regional planning scheme changes

(Protesters outside Council chambers: Courtesy of Sunshine Coast daily)

Courtesy of Sunshine Coast Daily- 30th September 2014

"SUNSHINE Coast Council has voted to defer until December consideration of major planning scheme amendments that affect Sekisui House's Yaroomba beachfront land holdings.

 More than 60 protestors packed the council chamber this morning to hear planning portfolio head Christian Dickson successfully move to defer consideration of the amendments because of information he said was received yesterday that raised questions about land tenure and other legal matters". Read more...